Quality and environment

Is there an official quality management for your company?

VTE’s management system is certified by DNV GL Business Assurance Germany according to the ISO standard 9001:2015 for the areas of: production, technical service, distribution and trade of filters and coalescers for marine, industry as well as the oil and gas sector. DNV GL is a leading provider in certification, assessment, verification and training.

How can I be sure VTE products are of high quality?

In our quest to deliver the highest quality products and services, VTE takes a strict and systematic approach. We start by regularly assessing our suppliers to ensure that they meet VTE’s strict guidelines and comply with ISO standards.

The quality agreements we sign with our production partners cover important aspects such as product quality, inspection procedures and on-time delivery.

To further improve quality control, we carry out spot checks that underline our commitment to meeting and maintaining quality benchmarks. Should quality issues arise, our traceability procedures allow for quick identification and recall of affected items, ensuring prompt corrective action.

Our commitment to quality also extends to ongoing quality audits, where our processes are continuously assessed to identify areas for improvement. Working with our partners fosters a shared understanding of expectations and requirements, and thus a mutual commitment to excellence.

Through regular continuous improvement meetings with our manufacturing partners, we develop and implement measures to improve product quality and operational processes. These measures underscore VTE’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and ultimately foster the trust and satisfaction of our valued customers.

How can the same quality as the OEM be offered for a much lower price?

OEM products come from the same manufacturer and meet the same quality characteristics as the “brand product“. The advantage of the significantly lower purchase prices is due to less costs for marketing and sales. You do not have to worry about quality losses. VTE guarantees compliance with the highest quality standards.

What is VTE’s stand on environmental and climate protection?

VTE believes that every company has a responsibility towards the environment and the future generations. VTE makes its contribution by optimizing its internal processes and managing all the stations of its company such as the production workshop, warehouse, dispatch and office under one roof. This allows VTE to work very efficiently and creates extremely short distances between the individual departments. This minimizes transport costs and CO2 emissions. VTE’s filter products help industrial and shipping companies to filter pollutants and thus to reduce the burden on the environment and minimizes their need for resources and materials.


Does VTE manufacture its elements itself?

You can inform VTE of your requirements and wishes. VTE can design and manufacture customized solutions according to individual specifications. Simply contact VTE without obligation.

Delivery and stock

How are you able to keep all products in stock?

VTE has a warehouse with an area of over 17,000 m². This is the perfect condition for the consistant availability of various filters and oily water separators for VTE’s customers.

How fast can you deliver?

VTE has millions of products directly in stock and can usually ship them on the day of the order. VTE’s central location with perfect transport connections, as well as the cooperation with all important transport companies, ensures an unbeatable fast delivery and the worldwide shipping of your goods in record time.


Which manufacturer brands are VTE products compatible with?

VTE’s products are compatible with filters from over 600 manufacturers including all the world’s leading manufacturers. VTE’s filter products are compatible for both European and Asian filtering methods.

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