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VTE offers a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. This not only extends the service life of spare parts, but also allows customers to benefit from much easier, more convenient and, above all, more environmentally friendly cleaning of their technical equipment in industry and shipping.

Discover the selection of ultrasonic cleaning equipment at VTE. Put your trust in sustainable cleanliness and contact us today.

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Special functions of ultrasonic cleaning devices:

  • Sweep function for optimal sound field distribution in the cleaning liquid
  • Degas function for efficient degassing of the cleaning liquid and for special laboratory applications
  • Boost function for increasing the performance of the ultrasonic function by approx. 25%
  • Optimum standing due to the installation frame
  • Maintenance-friendly generator arrangement

Applications of the ultrasonic cleaning devices:

  • Fuel and lubricant filters made of stainless steel
  • Engine parts
  • Injection nozzles
  • Separators spare parts
  • Heating and cooling systems
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