Notch-wire inserts – highest quality and economically efficient

VTE maintains a wide range of notch-wire inserts. In addition, VTE also stocks spare parts such as gaskets and valves for many Asian brands. While European manufacturers produce filters with wire mesh, Asian manufacturers prefer a method in which a fine steel wire is wound around a cylindrical frame.

Notch-wire inserts are used by Asian manufacturers. The difference lies in the construction of the filter inserts, which are made by wrapping thin stainless steel wire around a cylindrical frame.

Notch-wire inserts from VTE are compatible with all common Asian manufacturer brands and offer an optimal price-performance ratio. At the same time, the high quality of VTE’s notch-wire inserts promises an equally long service life – and thus high cost-effectiveness.

VTE only requires the dimensions from the spare parts list. This way, a quotation tailored to your needs can be prepared.


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Notch wire inserts from VTE are compatible with filters from:

Ameroid • CME • Daihatsu • Kanagawa Kiki • Niigata • Niikura Kogyo • Yanmar • Yoowon • ZJMD • and many others

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