Avoid expensive maintenance and cleaning costs, eliminate unplanned downtime

VTE manufactures OEM replacement filter elements to meet specific OEM requirements

VTE is the specialist for filter elements in power plants. Our OEM replacement filter elements are specifically designed to meet fuel and lube oil requirements and guarantee compliance with OEM efficiency standards. This protects your engines from harmful contaminants and prevents expensive maintenance and cleaning costs as well as unplanned downtime.

VTE offers filter spare parts for the following applications

  • Fuel filtration in booster system
  • Fuel filtration in supply system
  • Lubricating oil filtration

Fast delivery time, high stock availability

With a large stock and short delivery times, VTE ensures that the right spare parts for industrial filters in the power plant sector are always available.

VTE’s filter elements meet the highest quality standards and are optimally matched to the requirements of fuel and lubricating oil.

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