Benefits of centrifugal filters for lubricating oil in industry and shipping:

  • clean oil
  • longer oil life
  • longer maintenance intervals
  • less engine wear
  • reduction of maintenance and disposal costs
  • less engine downtime and operating costs
  • improved combustion process and lower fuel consumption
  • minimization of maintenance costs

VTE-Filter's centrifugal filters for lubricating oil are available in the following sizes:

  • FM090
  • FM200 / FM200DS
  • FM400
  • FM600
  • and in many others, VTE-Filter is happy to assist you!

Centrifugal Filter for Lubricating Oil at VTE-Filter

Clean oil, constant engine power

To additionally clean the lubricating oil, VTE-Filter recommends the use of centrifugal filters. These can be easily retrofitted and ensure that impurities that have made it into the engine are effectively separated. If you have already installed centrifugal filters, VTE-Filter will be pleased to offer you all spare parts for them.

Discover now the expert in spare parts of centrifugal filters for lubricating oil.


Further information about centrifugal filter for lubricating oil can be found on the information sheet.