Environmental Management

Concerning the global climate crisis, everyone is challenged to make their contribution to relieve the environment.  

In order to minimize the negative impact on the environment and prevent damage to it, VTE-Filter implements an environmental management system. The elaborated goals in the area of environmental protection are to be constantly monitored for their compliance and to be redefined in the sense of continuous improvement. This is intended to continuously work on the avoidance and, where this is not possible, the reduction of environmental pollution.

VTE not only pays attention to cleanliness and sustainability in the products, but also in the office building. All employees work hand in hand to pursue the goals of the environmental management system ISO 14001. In addition to the ISO 9001 management system, ISO 14001 has also become part of the company since August 2021.

Pretty words do not achieve anything, action is needed.

By using recycled paper, the consumption of energy, water and waste is reduced. In addition, paper can be saved with the duplex printing process.

Plastic filling material is not used in the packaging of the goods. Sustainable paper is used as a substitute. Special attention has been paid to the fact that the paper used is paper with the German Ecolabel "Blue Angel". This change is appreciated by the customers and a decrease of environmentally harmful material is also noted among the suppliers.

The use and conversion to environmentally friendly cleaning agents has also already been implemented.

In addition, care is being taken to select local suppliers in the procurement of products in order to avoid long transport routes. For longer delivery distances, the most environmentally friendly alternative will be selected if possible.

Compliance with all environmental regulations and requirements relevant to VTE-Filter is a matter of course and therefore an absolute minimum standard. Additional requirements and wishes of the customers are also taken into account by VTE-Filter.